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Compatible RVs

PLEASE NOTE:  Not all RV Plenums were created equally… We are rapidly trying to test and confirm compatibility for all the RV's in the market. This is an enormous task! To ensure your kit will fit, please see the list linked below to reference which RV's our systems fit directly into, and which RV's we need to modify our system for before shipment. This will help ensure your kit fits and align with the ducting in your RV, maximizing the performance of your AC system. If you have any questions, please CONTACT US

Want to confirm fitment yourself? See below our compatibility lists for measuring guides on how to measure stock compatibility yourself. 



      Don't see your RV model listed? Follow the instructions below to measure and confirm compatibility yourself.  If you confirm that it will work with your model, let us know so we can add it to the site!


      How to Measure your RV Plenum

      Links on how to measure your RV plenum to ensure it matches our system dimension. 

      Did not match our requirements? No Worries! Please click the link below for a fill in the blank measurement guide. Follow the instructions and send to us so we will know how to customize a system to match your RV's plenum.