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About Us

Meet The Team

Art Miller
Title: President

Meet our fearless leader! Art’s past experience in manufacturing, engineering, and industrial automation have all converged into brining this special product to the RV community. He is known for his personal dedication to his family, team, and each individual customer. He lives in Elkhart County Indiana with his wife and three kids, where they enjoy time outdoors on their small farm. During his free time, he enjoys woodworking, tinkering, and exploring this beautiful country with his family in their RV.   


Katherine Layman
Title: Office Manager

Meet the Enforcer! Katherine is our Office Manager here at RV Airflow Systems and she oversees all aspects of customer orders, fulfilment, and service. Born and raised in Elkhart IN, she has worked in RV manufacturing and customer service her whole life. Outside of work, Katherine enjoys cheering on her kids during baseball games, taking trips and making memories with her husband and two children.



Jessica Bell
Title: Customer Service

Meet our customer service champ… Jessica enjoys helping and serving others, which pairs well with her position! She is always willing to go above and beyond, ensuring the best customer experience. Outside of work, Jessica enjoys quality time with her friends and family, exploring the outdoors. She enjoys reading and is currently pursuing a degree in education.



About the Inventor

Don Clark, Richard, Joanne

Meet Richard & Joanne

We’ve all heard, “Necessity is the mother of invention” and so it was with RV Airflow Systems.  Our story began during a hot summer day in eastern Texas.  All three air conditioning units were running on our RV and we couldn’t get the temperature below 86°.  Joanne was not a happy camper and Richard knew he had to come up with a solution for the poor airflow in the rig. 

Fortunately, Richard has 30 plus years’ experience in the appliance industry, including HVAC and refrigeration engineering.  He first began by examining the A/C units and determined that they were all working correctly.  Tracing through the A/C system, he realized that there was a lack of airflow from the plenum area.  Immediately he began designing and building a device that would allow 100% of the air produced from the A/C unit to flow directly and smoothly into the duct work.  It worked!

Soon other people heard about Richard’s solution to the A/C airflow problem and stopped by their rig to experience the improvement for themselves.  They encouraged Richard to sell his invention, thus RV Airflow Systems was born.

Richard has an extensive background giving him the expertise required for this invention.  He has worked in the appliance industry in refrigeration engineering, worked in HVAC and was a technical manager for Maytag and a national trainer for Samsung residential appliances.  Richard has also been a tech trainer in the RV industry and previously served as a technical advisor on the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) board.  As a fellow RV’er for 20 years, Richard knows about the joys and challenges of the RV lifestyle.  He is committed to providing you with a quality product that will enhance your RV experience.

In 2020 we partnered with RPI Components Inc, a supplier to the RV manufacturing industry, to commercialize production and marketing of our product so we could get it in the hands of as many RV enthusiasts as possible!  We also reached an agreement with Grand Design to include the RV Airflow System in their RVs straight from the factory! Now installed at Grand Design, KZ RV, and soon to be at Heartland RV.