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Frequently Asked Questions


Shipping Time’s

We have two shipping options; standard shipping is $10.00 and that usually takes three to five business days. Expedited shipping is $35.00 and is guaranteed to get to you in two business days. (Not including Weekends)


Where are you shipping from?

Our facility is in Elkhart, Indiana, the heart of all RV’s.


If my RV is not listed on your website as being a Compatible RV, what should I do?

Follow the measurement instructions linked here.


How do I know which RV Airflow System to purchase?

There are two things we look at when determining compatibility, one is the year, make, and model of your RV. The second is the AC you have on your RV. Check our compatibility list linked here. If your RV is listed, then we are compatible with your RV. Now, we just need to know the make and model of the AC unit you are running. If you do not see your RV listed, we can customize a system specific to your RV plenum. Please follow this measurement guide and email those measurements along with the year, make, and model of you RV and your AC information.


How do I know what the model of my AC unit is?

Under the ceiling cover plate, there should be a sticker with a model number listed. You can also identify by looking at the AC unit on the rooftop and comparing the roof view to the pictures on our product page.


What is a plenum?

The plenum is the space between the AC unit and the cover plate on the inside of your rig.


How do I measure the plenum?

If you would like to determine stock compatibility, please click here. If your measurements are different than our requirements, please click here to see the measurements we need for a customized system to ensure proper fitment.


How do I know if I need a Coleman Mach shallow plenum kit (4inch) or the standard Coleman Mach kit (5inch)?

Our Coleman Mach Shallow Plenum kit was designed specifically for the Forest River Rockwood and Flagstaff models, or laminated roof designs. Our standard five-inch kit was designed for traditional truss roofs.


Do you have a system for Airxcel?

Yes, Airxcel is the parent company of Coleman, they are the same AC manufacturer.


Airxcel 47000 Series = Coleman Mach 8


Aircel 45000 Series = Coleman Mach 3, 10, 15, Q


Airxcel 48000 Series = Coleman Mach 3, 10, 15, Q


Should I install the RV Airflow System in every AC unit?

In order to maximize the airflow of each unit, we encourage it! However, don’t feel like you need to do both at the same time. If you choose, try one and you can always upgrade the other AC/AC’s later.


If I install the RV Airflow System in more than one AC, will they fight against each other?

In a ducted system with two or more air conditioners, the ducting channels are connected straight from the factory. In different configurations this allows you to have air throughout the coach while running one, two, or three AC’s. If problematic, why would they do this? In short, the answer is no, this will not be problematic as the increase in volume will be forced out of the vents. 


Is there a solution for my fully ducted unit? (No access from inside rig)

Yes, the same premise applies for fully ducted systems as it does for the semi ducted. This installation will need to be done from the roof of the RV and requires the air conditioner to be removed for access to the inside of the plenum. We encourage this to be done by an RV Service Tech or to schedule an appointment at our shop. If you have further questions, please call, or email our team to discuss. 


Does this work for ductless units?

Our current product offering is only compatible with ducted AC units. If you would like to be added to our waitlist for future solutions, please email our customer service team.


Does the RV Airflow System work with the heat pump or heat strip? 

Yes, our systems are located on the supply side of the plenum whereas the heat strip and or heat pump are located in the return side or the internal workings of the air condition itself. As a bonus, you will enjoy the same benefits on the heating side as you do with the cooling.


Will I lose the direct dump feature?

Yes, our system captures 100% of the air from the AC and smoothly transitions the air straight into the ductwork. Because of this, the direct dump feature is eliminated. Our goal is to cool the ambient of the whole RV, not just one spot underneath the AC.


Why is my Air conditioner freezing up?

The most common situation we run into is when the freeze sensor wire is either faulty or in the wrong location. This white wire is located on the evaporator coil with a sending unit on the end of it. The freeze sensor wire should be located in the evaporator coil, 2 inches in from the left and 2 inches up from the bottom. If it has fallen out or is missing it will not tell the compressor to turn off, leading to freeze ups. If you find that your freeze sensor is in the proper location but is still freezing up, you need to migrate the freeze sensor wire 1 inch (or more) north or up from its current position. As a result, the compressor will turn off sooner, inhibiting freeze ups.


What is an “Air Shower”?

An air show is a feature of some interior Air conditioner covers. Specifically, on the Colemans air conditioners the air shower is channeled via an internal splash plate which should be left out of the assembly after our system in installed.  


How long should I plan for installation?

We encourage customers to allocate one hour per AC unit so there is adequate time to prep the plenum space for install. Many customers have had successful installs in as little as twenty minutes.


What do I need to torque it to after installing?

20-30 Inch lbs.


What if I don’t have a Torque wrench?

After getting the bolts tight or all the way up against the mounting plate, turn the bolts in full rotation 5 to 6 more times. We are looking for ¼ inch of compression from the 1 inch gasket under your AC unit.


If my ducting is longer than your duct inserts, how do I get the system to work?

Please utilize the HVAC seal tape included in the kit to completely seal any gaps or holes in the plenum area.


Will taping up the extra length in the duct work cause me to have less of an increase? 

No. When an area is completely sealed and we eliminate any opportunity for loss, this will allow any gaps to pressurize, not letting any more air in or air out, allowing the system to operate and flow as designed.


Does the system really work?

We are proud of our reputation, but don’t take our word for it. Please take some time and search for us on RV blogs, google reviews, and customer reviews on our website.


Do you have a system for the Dometic Fresh Jet?

We will be releasing our RV Airflow System for the Dometic Fresh Jet this fall 2023.


Do you have a system for the Advent, Duo-Therm, or Recpro?

We do have the ability to modify our current product offering. If this is something you would be interested in, please follow the measurement guide linked here and confirm what mounting bracket you have.


What if my ducting layout is centered front to back in the plenum, instead of left and right? (Fleetwood, Holiday Rambler, Excel) 

We are in development of a solution specific to this type of plenum distribution design. Unfortunately, we do not have a stock solution currently. If you are impatient, we can customize a system to be compatible with your set up.


Why is the system $170-$180?

The opportunity cost is adding a second air conditioner, which will cost you between $1800-$2200. The value proposition of our product, $170, is that we can almost get you the output of a second air conditioner with our system. That is a savings factor of 10! Also, keep in mind all the testing, engineering, investment of $40,000 per new design we release, as well as all the other normal everyday business costs. Can you do something similar for cheaper? Sure, but it will also cost you time and the risk of voiding your AC warranty. We provide a perfect product, for a perfect price, that should fit perfectly. If you have questions, please feel free to call us.


Hope this helps! If you still have questions, please reach out to our customer service team.

Cheers, and Stay Cool!